Research of axial turbine stages with Doosan Škoda Power

Experimental equipment in VZLU

The project dealt with the study of the effects influencing the flow in turbine stages and associated losses of kinetic energy of the flow. Within the project, the problem of flow in the multistage axial turbine arrangement was solved in order to obtain the basis for designing new turbine stages and increasing their efficiency. The obtained experimental and numerical results represent important evidence for the construction of the so-called “Loss Model” used in the design of turbine stages.

The core work of the VZLU included experimental measurements using the existing turbine test bench adapted to the needs of the experiments on straight turbine cascades. In addition to carrying out experimental work, VZLU has developed a software for dealing with non-stationary processes of the wake passage through the axial blade. Among other results there are three functional samples in the form of new experimental devices, which will be further used for R & D projects and contracted research in the field of turbomachinery (power engineering and aircraft engines). In terms of new know-how, experience has been gained in modeling the entry boundary layers on the boundary walls by changing the input turbulence. Another important result is a certified methodology of simulation of the effect of a multistage arrangement on single-stage turbines. The publishing output of the VZLU is an article in the conference proceedings. The project supported the development of cooperation with Doosan Škoda Power, a domestic power turbine manufacturer. The publishing co-operation with the Institute of Thermomechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, which was another participant in the project, is also beneficial.

Project No. TA04020129 – “Investigation of flows in a multi-stage axial turbine stages arrangement” was run with the  financial support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Alfa programme.