Research & development of components, technologies and systems for small satellites


development work for nanosatellite:

  • Development of onboard computers (OBC) for nanosatellites
  • Development of orientation and stabilization control systems for nanosatellites (ADCS/AOCS)
  • Development of mechanical systems for nanosatellites
  • Development of operating systems and control software for nanosatellites
  • Development and testing of new generation micro-accelerometers for use in cosmos
  • Development of ion motors, technology and systems for air-breath ion motors
  • Development and supply of scientific instruments for use in space in SERENUM, a.s.
  • Design and manufacturing of engineering models and flight units
  • Integration of nanosatellite and related development works



  • Clean room (ISO8, ISO7)
    • Construction, soldering, measurement
    • Cleanliness - room: ISO8 (100,00) 30m2, ISO7 (10,000) 25m2
  • Vibration tests (quasistatic, sinus, random, shock)
  • Thermovacuum chamber
    • Chamber volume: 1m3, vacuum: less than 10-3 Pa
    • Temperature: range -70ºC ÷150ºC, accuracy: 0.1°C, speed: 1°C/min
    • Maximum dimensions of the object for testing in TV chamber: 850x950x800
  • SW for strength analysis (Patran/Nastran, Adams, Abaqus, ANSYS), simulations in Matlab, CAD/CAM design (Catia, PRO/E, ...)


Research projects (excluding ESA projects):

  • VZLUSAT-1:  „Verification of space products and technologies on nanosatellite VZLUSAT “(2013-2017, TAČR-ALFA, project No. TA03011329)
  • X-RAY: „Wide-angle X-ray imaging system with Timepix detector“(2014-2017, TAČR-ALFA, project No. TA04011295)
  • OPTIKOM - “Composites with modified surface optical properties for space applications" (2017 – 2020, MIT-TRIO, project No. FV20457)
  • REX - "Study of detection and imaging of X-ray sources for astrophysics" (2019 - 2021, MŠMT - Inter-Action, project No. LTAUSA18094)
  • ORBIT - "Technology Demonstrator - Radiation orbital monitor with Spacepix sensor" (2019 - 2022, TAČR - Epsilon, project No. TH04010294)
  • Space technologies“, partial objectives no. 1-3 (2018-2022, MPO Institutional funding via DKRVO)


contact person:

Ing. Radek Peřestý, head of the Space Technologies deprt. of VZLU, director of SERENUM a.s. 
tel:+420 225 115 115, e-mail: