Research and development of a flexible energy system

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Research and development of a flexible energy system transforming primary energy of biomass and alternative fuels by their combustion, or waste heat from different heat units, to electric energy with possible co-generation of higher efficiency


Project objectives

The aim of the project is to describe, design and verify new energy system for electricity production or cogeneration, with high efficiency of transformation of primary energy of solid, liquid and gas fuels and waste heat, whereas the source can be standard combustion facilities. The system is based on humid Brayton cycle with indirect heating of work media. The source of 3,5 MW heat input for demonstration unit will be the fluegas from gas burner combusting waste coke oven gas or mixture gas. The fluegas will heat up the working mixture for gas turbine in the exchangers to min. 800C. The demonstration unit in basic connection will serve to verify the theory of the cycle, the key components, regulation methods and dynamic properties. Acquired knowledge will be applied on the design and construction of units with an output of tens of MW transforming fuel heat or waste heat produced by different devices to electrical energy or cogeneration.


Project participants

  • Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s.
  • SVÚM a.s.
  • SAGE ENERGO, a.s.
  • Vysoké učení technické v Brně / Fakulta strojního inženýrství
  • Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava / Fakulta strojní


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Head Investigator

Ing. Jaromír Lamka
head of Engines department, VZLU