Representatives of the Canadian aviation industry visited the VZLU

Strenght of Structures

In connection with expanding cooperation with Canada, representatives of the Canadian aviation industry visited selected manufacturers of the Czech aviation industry and the VZLU - Czech Aerospace Research Centre in Prague in recent days. Their visit follows on last year's visit of representatives of the Czech aviation industry in Canada. The aim of the visit was to get acquainted with our aerospace production, the research and development environment and the possibilities of developing further cooperation and investment. The patronage of this mission was taken over by Mr. Vladimír Bärtl, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade (MIT), for the management of the foreign trade section.

In the VZLU, the Canadian delegation provided detailed presentations of current activities and possible areas of cooperation. The delegation had the opportunity to visit the wind tunnel for aerodynamic experiments and the aircraft structural test facility. Overall, they were surprised by the very good level of the experimental activities carried out in the VZLU and mainly by the level of VZLU´s cooperation with the domestic aviation industry. They also appreciated the active involvement of the VZLU in international cooperation in aerospace.

Canada is a very interesting geographical location for the Czech aviation, as the Canadian aviation industry (incl. related research) is one of the key sectors of the economy and is growing by almost 10% every year over the last five years.

For the Canadian side, following representatives participated (with some Canadian companies VZLU has already had friendly relations) :.

  • Martin Baillargeon - President - Prefix Aerospace
  • Tony Karadimas - President - Tranlingo Business Services
  • James Robinson - Chief Buyer – Bombardier
  • Mike McCarthy - CEO - MHI Canada Aerospace
  • Alex Tsoulis - Director of Business Development - MHI Canada Aerospace
  • Peter Eadie - Business Development – CAE
  • Rafal Pawlak - Business Development - Cyclone MFG
  • Alain Aubertin - Vice President – CRIAQ
  • Jean Francois Boland - Director of department – AeroETS