Reliable locomotives for extreme conditions

Ground transport in VZLU

VZLÚ is not focused only on aviation technology, but its activity is spread across all kind of industries. Knowledge and experience in aerodynamics and strength aircraft are very useful during the development of ground vehicles.

Due to the newly opened markets in the Far East is growing need to increase the reliability of mechanical systems, locomotives or guarantee thermal comfort in the driver's cabin. In connection with this challenge VZLU is involved in the ALFA Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) together with the manufacturer of locomotives CZ LOKO .

The aim of the first phase of the project, which ended late last year, was the identification of the critical points of the cabin insulation and verification of installed heat capacity for extreme climatic conditions . This test was used on numerical simulation of airflow in the cabin. For this purpose VZLU prepared a simplified geometric model, which was further elaborated by finite volume method.

The second phase of project focuses on the compressed air that is used in the release of the train in order to identify risk modes and locations.