Promotion of Czech business on Aviation conference in the US

Letecká konference v USA na podporu českých firem

Czech Aerospace Conference organized by CzechInvest in cooperation with the Embassy in Washington was held in may in USA.

The conference was attended by Minister of transport Jan Mládek and representatives of the Czech aviation companies. The delegation of businessmen consists of representatives from Aero Vodochody, Aerospace Aircraft Industries, United Space Alliance, Frentech Aerospace, LOM Praha, Moravian aviation cluster and the Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry.

This visit should primarily promote Czech businesses in the US market. Further there was communication with major American investors who already operate in the Czech Republic or could enter the Czech market.

"Czech aviation sector is at a position comparable to US companies with market leading aerospace producers," said Czech Consul in New York, Martin Dvořák.

 This Czech event was included in the program of the prestigious festival Commercial World Trade Week organized annually by the US president.