Project INMA - development of new technology for titanium sheet

VZLU participated in the development of new intelligent technologies to manufacture parts from titanium plates. This goal is appointed to INMA Project, which is running under the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, and VZLU is one of the partners.

Technology represents the transition from the existing inflexible and costly methods for rapid and agile manufacturing processes yielding considerable reduction of development costs in the production of complex titanium parts with minimal impact on the environment.
This brand new process based on an asymmetric incremental sheet forming (AISF) will change the way of producing titanium parts for aircraft components.

The part of the project in VZLU consisted of the acquisition of experimental data for the characteristics of basic materials and metallurgical analysis of materials considered for production, as well as the properties of materials and their analysis after deformation and documentation criteria for defining the limits of deformation for the newly introduced method of forming.

The project took place from 09/01/2010 to 30/06/2014.

Other partners of INMA Project:

  • Tecnalia Research & Innovation - Spain
  • EADS Innovation Works - Germany
  • Industrias Puigjaner S.A. (DENN) - Spain
  • University of Patras / LTSM - Greece
  • TWI Ltd – UK
  • Institut für Bildsame Formgebung der RWTH Aachen (RWTH-IBF) - DE
  • Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego PzL–Rzeszow (WSKRZ) - Poland
  • The University of Liverpool – UK
  • The European Aeronautics Science Network Association (EASN) - Europe
  • AIRBUS Operations S.A.S. - France