Power industry

Power Industry

“Research and development activities for power industry aims to gas and steam turbines producers. Our institute has a commitment to power efficiency and production of, cogeneration units, and cooling towers for power plants.”

VZLU’s development and testing activities are closely tied to industrial partners. For the power industry, VZLU provides specialized scientific research activities that aim to improve the parameters of the final products. The main innovation goal is to increase the efficiency of energy equipment or reducing their energy consumption, consequently ensuring such operation of the power machinery, which will be sufficiently effective and at the same time environmentally friendly.

VZLU specializes in gas turbine components such as combustors, compressors, turbine blades, etc. The research activities are focused mainly on the combustion and the reduction of emissions. Extensive computer simulations regarding turbo machinery capacities are used by VZLU on high-performance computing clusters for R & D activities.

Aerodynamic measurements of direct blade cascades and turbine wheels used in power industry are carried out in VZLU’s high-speed wind tunnels. VZLU’s engine testing laboratory is used for research experiments in the field of combustion.

Some developmental services are focused on the development of composite fan blades and other equipment for cooling towers of energy supply compounds including the assessment of the wind load on these tall buildings.

VZLU perceives many possibilities of its further development in the area of innovation for the power industry.