Power industry

Power Industry

Power industry Aeronautical expertise of VZLU has a significant overlap to power industry. Many competences of VZLU can be employed for innovations for power industry including the use of a unique experimental infrastructure.

VZLU´s know-how in the field of high-speed aerodynamics and turbine engines is used to increase the efficiency of turbines in power plants and other energy equipment. In particular, VZLU recently focuses our activities on research and development of energy blocks of lower local power using biogas and biomass combustion, which play an important role in the decentralization of energy sources. An important part of the "aerodynamic" contribution to modern energy is also the area of ​​efficiency improvement of wind farms.

VZLU is involved in the development of some gas turbines components, such as combustion chambers, compressors, turbine blades, etc. Research activities in the field of combustion are oriented mainly on emission reduction. For R&D activities in the field of "turbomachinery" VZLU uses extensive numerical simulation capabilities on powerful computing clusters. For steam turbines used in power engineering, aerodynamic measurements of prismatic blades cascades and turbine stages are performed in VZLU´s high-speed aerodynamic tunnels and other experimental devices. For experimental research of ​​combustion, dynamics and vibration are used dedicated engine test bends and other experimental devices.

For the design of new energy devices VZLU provides the analysis of material properties and strength of structures in terms of their durability and lifetime. Corrosion engineering and development of coating systems for the specific conditions of the power industry sector also belong to VZLU´s tasks.

Part of power industry oriented  activities are directed to development of composite blades for industrial fans and other units for cooling tower of energetic facilities., including the assessment of the wind loads on these high buildings. The knowledge from several branches VZLU also applies in security studies for power plants and other power facilities.

A multidisciplinary approach where the VZLU can properly combine its knowledge of aerodynamics, turbomachinery, combustion, strength of structures and materials, corrosion and surface protection, gives the VZLU a great potential for effective future involvement in the R&D activities of the power industry.

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