Other calibration activities


We perform calibration of physical and electrical quantities with usage of own standards with metrological link to CMI in following areas: 

  • Electrical quantities (calibration of multimeters, ammeters, voltmeters, shunts, etc) 
    • DC voltage up to 1000V
    • DC current up to 200 A
    • AC voltage up to 700 VAC
    • AC current up to 10 A
    • Eletrical resistance up to 100 MOhm
    • Frequency up to 50MHz
  • Temperature (in the range -60C to +1800C)
  • Weigh (in the range up to 22 kg with resolution 1g)
  • Devices and sensors up to 900 mbar uderpressure
  • Manometers and sensors from 1 MPa to 70 MPa


CONTACT person:

Ing. Miroslav Valeš, Ph.D., Head of VZLU TEST, a.s.
tel: +420 225 115 267, fax: +420 225 115 430, e-mail: vales@vzlutest.cz