Open day in VZLU

VZLU reception

VZLU employees and their families could visit Wind tunnels (low speed wind tunnels where we measure airplanes, cars, trains, antenna systems, traffic signs and athletes and wind tunnel boundary layer BLWT where we analyze the wind load of buildings and bridges, simulations, wind comfort of pedestrians, the spread of emissions or hazardous substances in urban areas), Testing laboratories (labs where we perform tests of mechanical resistance, climate-corrosion tests, hydraulic tests and LPG / CNG, testing electrical systems, measurement of the purity of hydraulic oils, fuels and other liquids, chemical analysis, corrosion engineering and research and development of surface treatments) and Structure and material testing (labs where we perform strength tests, modal test design, non-destructive testing – NDT, testing of material properties and experimental stress analysis, flying object tests, stress and fatigue analysis, aero elastic analysis and analysis of materials).
The children could play with toys, paint, read or build airplane models. Almost 200 people visited VZLU on Open day.