New wind tunnel in Technical University in Bratislava proposed by VZLU

Wind tunnel in STU Bratislava

Last year was put into a wind tunnel in the Faculty of civil engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The proposal was drafted by VZLU and the building works carried by Konstrukta, a.s. Trenčín.

There is a 26 m long tunnel with an open air circulation adapted for hall in the physics laboratories of the faculty. Cross section of the tunnel 2.6 meters is suitable for large topographic models of flow structure imitating the bottom of the atmospheric boundary layer.

The tunnel can handle different task in the field of civil engineering, ecology and wind energy. An example might be exertion testing of high-rise buildings by the wind, spreading the gaseous or placing of wind turbines. Front space of tunnel provides an alternative uniform air flow. For testing of smaller objects can wind flow up to 32 m/s.

The cab with a measuring device has a separate plan to reduce interior noise.

The wind tunnel is from the end of 2013 fully qualified for operation.