New issue of the Czech Aerospace proceedings magazine 3/2014

You can read online for free new issue of the Czech Aerospace Proceedings magazine. The magazine is published by the ALV - Association of the aviation manufacturers in cooperation with the Czech technological platform for the aviaton and space.

Table of content:

  • Improved solution of the propeller blade force for whirl flutter analysis
  • Jiří Čečrdle, VZLU, Prague
  • Hydro-mechanical control system design for turboshaft engine

Jozef Zakucia, VZLU, Prague

  • Aircraft system identification using Quasi-Newton method

Pavel Hospodář, VZLU, Prague

  • An Optimization of a Four-bar Linkage for control of trailing-edge flap

Jiří Brabec / Luboš Janko / Robert Theiner, CTU Prague

  • Characterization of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Sheet under Deformation using Asymmetric Incremental Sheet Forming at High Temperature

Petr Homola / Lucie Nováková / Václav Kafka, VZLU, Prague

  • Experimental and CFD study of wing in ground effect

Zdeněk Pátek / Martin Lahuta  / Armand Drábek, VZLU, Prague

  • Clean Sky 2 - A Real Challenge for Czech Aviation

Karel Paiger / Branch contact organization for aerospace research, Prague