New issue of the Czech Aerospace proceedings magazine 1/2014

You can read online for free new issue of the Czech Aerospace Proceedings magazine.
The magazine is published by the ALV - Association of the aviation manufacturers in cooperation with the Czech technological platform for the aviaton and space.

Table of contents:

  • Immersion ultrasonic testing, Petr Bělský, VZLU
  • A brief review of recent research on multifunctionality of composite materials and structures with a focus on electrical impedance tomography, Jan Cagáň, VZLU
  • Fractography of an interlaminar shear fracture in a carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy composite enhanced with carbon nanotubes, Martin Kadlec, J. Siegl CTU, J. Podzimek VZLU
  • Mathematical modeling of two-dimensional turbulent streams, O. Solovyov, S. Eryomenko, N. Nechyporuk, V. Chmovzh, State enterprise the ministry of defence of ukraine chuguev aircraft repair plant
  • Diagnostics of aircraft turbine engine using artificial neural networks, Pavel Růžička, Michal Havel, VZLU
  • Dividable slider reefing method for circular parachutes used in balistic recovery systems for small aircraft, Oldřich Šofr, Letecký ústav VUT Brno
  • An analytically calculated drag of an aircraft with ducted fan propulsion unit in correlation with results of an experiment in wind tunnel, Jiří Brabec, Robert Theiner, CTU