New fire-resistant composite structures are being developed in VZLU


VZLU cooperates together with DLR and ALENIA on development of the composite materials within the P7 program “Mitigate risks of fire, smoke and fumes”, new composite materials reduce the possibility of fire occurrence and its spreading and consequent danger caused by the combustion fumes in the interior of aircraft. As part of the FSS project, composite sandwich structures with an inorganic matrix and an inorganic core have been developed. The new composites we subjected to a wide range of tests to verify their fire resistance. The composite system has proven a heat resistance to temperatures higher than 1000 ° C with virtually zero fumes occurrence. The project Future Sky Safety runs under the EU H2020 and is aimed for improving civil aviation safety.
Fire-resistant composite materials developed in VZLU could in the future replace some of the aircraft´s conventional organic composite parts. Entirely different level of the operational security would be able to achieve at the same or lower weight of the aircraft.