Modernization of VZLU´s wind tunnel has been completed

new fen

Reconstruction of wind tunnel 3mLSWT was the largest investment in test equipment in VZLÚ. In a frame of the project Large infrastructures (LM2011016), which is financially supported by the Ministry of education,  low-speed wind tunnel 3mLSWT went through extensive upgrading. Over the last year was an old fan fully replaced by a new. Furthermore, there was a reconstruction of testing cabin and complete compensation of management system. Reconstruction was completed in august this year by installing of cooling air flow system. All of these changes lead to a quantitative and qualitative improvement of wind tunnel´s parameters.

New characteristics of wind tunnel:

  • the new engine fan is 1610 kW
  • fan diameter is 4120 mm
  • flow rate of the new blower is designed at 530 m3 /s
  • max Exchanger pressure loss in the tunnel 700p

The project of large infrastructures offers Open access to the wind tunnel, for the possibility of making theses and dissertations, and also for  experiments, measurements and consulting in the field of experimental aerodynamics and all without charge. More to the conditions applying for the free use of the tunnel can be found here >>>.