Metallography and materialographic analyses


  • Visual evaluation of internal microstructures of metal and composite materials
  • Fractographic analysis of fracture surfaces 
  • Chemical analysis of metals, alloys and other inorganic materials
  • Materials´ micro- and macro-structure evaluation
  • Expert judgements



  • Lab for metallographic analysis and fracture surface analysis 
  • GX51 BF/DF (1000x) metallographic microscope 
  • Olympus SZ 40 (50x) optical microscope 
  • Arsenal LPT 2013-T optical microscope 
  • KEYENCE VHX-6000 3D portable microscope
  • TESCAN VEGA electron scanning microscope (including EDX, EDS, BSE and SE)
  • BAIRD Foundrymate + PerkinElmer spectrometers 
  • MVD Microtome
  • Precision KERN scales
  • Cutting equipment to prepare metallographic samples


Research projects:

  • INMA – “Innovative manufacturing of Ti sheet parts for cost-efficiency and flexibility“, (2010-2014, FP7 EU, project No. 266208)
  • OASIS – “Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Beam Welding (LBW) for assembly of structural aircraft parts“, (2018-2020, JTI Clean Sky 2, project No. 785557)
  • IASS – „Improving the aircraft safety by self-healing structure and protecting nanofillers”, (2012-2015, FP7 EU, project No.. 313978)
  • BOPACS – „Boltless assembling and repair Of Primary Aerospace Composite Structures“, (2012-2016, FP7 EU, project No. 314180)
  • IMAC-PRO – „Industrialization of manufacturing technologies for composite profiles for aerospace applications“, (2008-2012, FP7, project No.212014)

Contact person:

Dr. Ing. Roman Růžek, Head of Materials, technologies and NDT, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 153, e-mail: