Mega grips for load tests at VZLU

Aerospace Research and Test Establisment (VZLU) bought a new wedge grip from US company MTS. It is a model 647 Hydraulic wedge grip, which can accommodate large items with weight up to 100 tons and max. dynamic force of 1000 kN. 

Hydraulic pressure can be adjusted, allowing these grips to be used for testing a variety of materials including plastics and ceramics. Hydraulic jaws allows accurate and repeated testing. The jaws are used for both strength test and tensile test. An adjustable gripping force prevents damage to specimens from grip or specimen slippage during tests.

Technical parameters: 

  • max. dynamic force 1000kN 
  • static force 1200kN 
  • grip thickness 0-67 mm 
  • grip area 127 x 127 mm 
  • 350kp weight / pc 
  • individual source of pressurized oil to 700bar