Measurements of propellers for Woodcomp


Within the program of development of new propellers in Woodcomp s.r.o. the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute (VZLÚ) carried out successful measurements of piston-engine output in front of a propeller flange. Measurements were carried out using a specially designed measuring facility and a contactless data transmission from a rotor into a recording device with the possibility to monitor values on-line on real-time basis. Accurate output measurement is important for the verification of design parameters of the propulsion unit including the assessment of the current state of the engine. The current phase of the project serves as a preparation for flight strain-gauge measurements that will follow in the near future. The development of standard class propellers was launched by Woodcomp s.r.o. according to CS-P building regulations. The company uses services and technical support of the VZLÚ’s Aircraft Propellers Department.