Material properties and service life of critical engine components


material analyses and life assessment:

  • Tools for strength design of compressor and turbine radial wheels
  • Research on thermomechanical properties of materials and structures of blade/wane machines, including the effects of high temperatures
  • Development of prediction tools and experimental methodologies for determination of thermo-mechanical loading and fatigue of structures
  • Development of software tools for multiaxial fatigue
  • Development of software for complex prediction of thermomechanical fatigue with time-dependent processes based on FEM analysis
  • Development of predictive tools for determination of aero-thermodynamic load, development of software for aero-thermodynamic model of gas turboprop engine up to 2MW (Gas pathway analysis-model)
  • Investigation of the effects of various types of mechanical and physical damage on the function of turbomachinery
  • Software development for engine prediction and wear of individual parts based on neural networks and fuzzy logic
  •  Thermomechanical fatigue based on a stable stress-strain state
  • Calculation of low and high cycle fatigue of rotating parts, multi-axis fatigue, assessment of actual load spectra
  • Calculation of creep and calculations of creep life in combination with low cycle fatigue
  • Calculation of thermal-mechanical strength based on stabilized deformation stress



  • TMF_PRED software - determines the residual life of the component stressed by mechanical and thermal loads


Research projects:

  • NEW GEAC MATERIALS - “Application of the new GE Aviation´s material database to achieve increased lifetime of the major parts of the gas turbine engine “, (2009-2012, MitO – TIP1, project No. FR-TI1/133)
  • AKROBAT -  “Enhanced performance of the GE H75 turboprop engine by the modifications required for an advanced training including aerobatic manoeuvres”, (2016-2019, TAČR-EPSILON, project No.TH02010111)
  • MUTR – “Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes“, (2016-2020, JU – Clean Sky 2, project No. 717199)
  • “Centrifugal compressor for H80 turbo engine”, (2018-2020, TAČR – Epsilon, project No. TH04010210)
  • “Technology for modern turbine engines“, partial objectives No. 1 and 2 (2018-2022, institutional support of MIT ministry, so called “DKRVO)


Contact person:

Ing. Jan Kubata, Head of Engine department, VZLÚ
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