Management and Organization

Organization and management

VZLU - Czech Aerospace Research Centre is divided internally into an administrative part and a productive part. The administration includes the company management and support units. Productive departments are relatively independent units, which carry out research, development and testing of their own. In total there are about 220 employees in VZLÚ.

In addition to extensive area in Prague – Letňany VZLÚ uses for its activities field workplace with high-speed wind tunnels in Prague – Palmovka.

Board of Directors - detail contacts

General Director, Chairman of the Board: Ing. Josef Kašpar

Vice-chairman of the Board: Ing. Zbyněk Šedivý

Member of the Board: JUDr. Petr Matoušek


Productive part - detail contacts

Aerodynamics: Ing. Petr Vrchota, Ph.D. 

Strenght of Structures: Ing. Josef Jironč

Composite Technologies: Ing. Jan Kužel

Corrosion and Surface treatments: Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D.

Engines:  Ing. Jan Kubata

Space technologies: Ing. Radek Peřestý


Administrative part - detail contacts

Accounting: Ing. Marie Círusová

Projects and Contracts: Ing. Karel Paiger, MBA

Human Resources: Ing. Tereza Ducháčová

Purchasing: Lydie Černá

Information Technology: Ing. Václav Čermák

Science and Technology Park: Tomáš Vodrážka

Quality and Metrology, Management Representative for Quality: Kateřina Žáková, DiS.