Recipient Title Project objectives Project start Project end Identification code
VZLÚ Complex and environmental technologies of composites surface treatment development based on zinc with low friction coefficient Project targets the development of complex composites surface treatment technologies based on Zn with low friction coefficient, satisfying usual industrial requirements for corrosion resistance and environmental principals at the same time. These technologies will be verified and practically put into functional or pilot completion with immediate possibility of industrial utilization. Developed technologies will be protected by licence and subsequent licence utilization in Czech republic and abroad is possible. 1.7.2009 30.6.2012 FR-TI1/047
Aircraft Industries Project ADATO - Application of the damage tolerance philosophy for service life extension of small transport aircraft airframe The aim of the project ADATO is implementation of airframe on-condition maintenance system with respect of real operating conditions. The maintenance system will be created on the basis of computational analyses results, material and airframe fatigue tests, their evaluation and damage tolerance analyses. Extended service life which will take into account influence of real operating conditions on structure of given aircraft will be achieved by specified system of inspections of design critical points. A new maintenance system will allow extension of aircraft service life and at the same time will ensure operation without occurrence of catastrophic damage. Research intent will be realized and implemented to operation for L410 aircraft family. 1.7.2009 30.6.2013 FR-TI1/475
AERO Vodochody The model of a composite control surface for a large aeroplane in complience with the certification specification CS-25 The project is focused on advanced application of composite materials in primary aircraft parts (flap, aileron) up to common serial production in the aircraft category of large airplanes in compliance with CS-25. The aim is to create an integrated set of data for composite primary structure design, certification, production and inspection of primary composite aircraft structures. 1.5.2009 30.4.2013 FR-TI1/290
AERO Vodochody Fixed Leading Edge of Composite Wing for the CS-110 Aircraft The aim of the Project is to develop the fix leading edge of composite wing of CS-110 commercial airplane and under framework of this project establish the latest development and production technologies in the Czech aerospace industry. The long term effect is to improve competitiveness of the Czech aerospace industry by involvement in risk-sharing project jointly with world-leading aerospace companies. 1.7.2009 30.6.2013 FR-TI1/291
AERO Vodochody VS 2 Ejection Seat Modernization The aim of this project is significant modernization of the VS 2 ejection seat, which will lead in significant increase of the VS 2 ejection seat safety and reliability parameters.Part of project consists of the development of new electrically initiated reusable pyrocartridges, new pyromechanisms including methodology of testing of their performance and determining their resistance to the effects of outside environments.In case of successful finishing of the project, the VS 2 ejection seat utility value will increase considerably, together with the VS 2 ejection seat competitive advantage in comparison with similar foreign products. The L-159 aircraft competitive advantage will increase also. 1.7.2009 30.12.2011 FR-TI1/270
Letov letecká výroba Research development and verification of methods for design and manufacturing technology of reinforced thermoplastics for different advanced applications Project goal is advanced methods for design and technology of manufacturing of reinforced thermoplastic parts for high loaded application. Development and testing of different types of parts for aircraft, transport vehicles and biomechanics will be carried out. Development and verification of design methods and simulations are going to be performed. The prototypes will be realised by the level suitable for transfer into manufacturing especially in aircraft aplication. 1.3.2009 30.12.2012 FR-TI1/463
Fans Hlinsko Application of composites in the design of technological units Composite materials in the design of selected parts and equipment of cooling towers offer potential of operation reliability improvement and interesting technical parameters of the complex. Synthesis of capacities of a research institute and know-how of a company who is a well known manufacturer on the international market provides good conditions to enforce their position in international competition and from the long term point of view supports healthy growth of both companies. 1.3.2009 30.12.2012 FR-TI1/243
Vítkovice Power Engineering Research and development of a flexible energy system transforming primary energy of biomass and alternative fuels by their combustion, or waste heat from different heat units, to electric energy with possible co-generation of higher efficiency The aim of the project is to describe, design and verify new energy system for electricity production or cogeneration, with high efficiency of transformation of primary energy of solid, liquid and gas fuels and waste heat, whereas the source can be standard combustion facilities. The system is based on humid Brayton cycle with indirect heating of work media. The source of 3,5 MW heat input for demonstration unit will be the fluegas from gas burner combusting waste coke oven gas or mixture gas. The fluegas will heat up the working mixture for gas turbine in the exchangers to min. 800C. The demonstration unit in basic connection will serve to verify the theory of the cycle, the key components, regulation methods and dynamic properties. Acquired knowledge will be applied on the design and construction of units with an output of tens of MW transforming fuel heat or waste heat produced by different devices to electrical energy or cogeneration. 1.3.2009 30.12.2012 FR-TI1/073
GE Aviation Czech Application of new material database of GE Aviation with the intention to attain extended life of turbine engine main parts at increased both temperatures and gas generator rotating speeds and to improve performance of the turbine engine(shaft power,SFC) Application of new material database of GE Aviation, production of main turbine engine part samples from these materials, endurance tests of turbine engine part samples, removal of enviromentally unaccptable materials (lead), incresed operating temperature including necessary design changes of engine parts, increased gas generator speed, reduction of SFC. Increased power up 800 SHP flat rated up to 36 deg. C. 1.3.2009 30.12.2012 FR-TI1/133
HPH FTG - New Generation Fiberglass Two-seater Glider The project target is to improve and affirm the chain research - development production and to ensure a sustainable growth by stabilization of high specific places of employment. To research and to gain new learning and knowledge in the sphere of composite materials. Also to comprehend patterns and specifics in research and development as a whole.Connection Recepient Corecepient (HPH VZLÚ VUT) with research capacity and university ensures a technically successful course of development together with prompt transfer of the knowledge in the practice. The main benefit will be consolidation of the knowledge in this domain with the goal to prepare a new product for the following batch production. 1.5.2009 30.4.2013 FR-TI1/326
Aircraft Industries Modernization Of Small Transport Aircraft to increase operation effectiveness and economy The research and development project MOSTA, solves significant modernization of the small transport airplane L410 UVP-E20, taking advantages of the latest findings in the areas of aeronautics and manufacturing technology. Execution of the project MOSTA will involve maximum payload increase, aircraft performance improvement at warm and alpine conditions using a new version of turbo-prop engine M-601H and a new propeller AV 725. Extension of the service life up to 30 000 flight hours minimally. Also implementation of a modern maintenance system, enlargement of luggage compartment, cruise speed increase, maximum range extension and a new conception of wing structure with considerably bigger fuel tanks and essentially lower labour consumption. A consortium of thirteen partners will participate in project MOSTA. Two R&D organizations and one university are among them.  1.4.2010  31.12.2015 FR-TI2/557
Evektor MISTRAL -MIlitary Small TRAnsport aeropLane The MISTRAL project evolves project of EV-55 OUTBACK aeroplane by means of the development of its military version. The key goal is widening of aeroplane sales to another market segment, construction of military version prototype and its validation by tests. 1.1.2011 30.9.2015 FR-TI3/333
Škoda Power Complex development of a turbine reaction stage with high efficiency The main goal of the project is complex development of a new reaction stage with high efficiency. With newly developed stages it will be possible to prepare the methodology for steam turbine design with a higher efficiency of the transformation of primary sources into electrical energy. A number of new modern approaches and technologies for solving of this project will be used. For example commercial and in-house developed computational fluid dynamics codes, experimental measurement at air wind tunnels, steam tunnels and experimental steam turbines. Methods for fully 3D optimization of steam turbine blade shape will be developed and used to deal the project. A new system for vibration acquisition and evaluating will be developed. All data will be scaned from bladed rotor discs of reaction arrangement. 1.2.2011 30.12.2013 FR-TI3/432
PBS Velká Bíteš The development of turbo-shaft engine designated for light helicopters and unmaned aircrafts The development of turbo-shaft engine with output shaft power 180 kW for powerplant of light helicopters with one or two engines with maximal take-off weight 1500kg.The turboshaft engine TS100 is derived from developing turboprop engin TP100 and share the same core-engine derived from jet engine TJ100.The flow parts optimalization to achieve a low specific fuel consumption. A new gearbox design with output shaft speed 6000rpm and mass optimalization. 1.1.2010 30.12.2012 FR-TI2/313
AERO Vodochody Advanced Wing for the AJT Aircraft The aim of the Project is to develop the advanced wing of AJT jet trainer and under framework of this project establish the latest development and production technologies in the Czech aerospace industry. The long-term effect is to improve competitiveness of the Czech aerospace industry by investment into aircraft design and production in the Czech Republic. 1.2.2012 31.12.2015 FR-TI4/603
Aircraft Industries Project INKOM - Integration of Composite Materials into Airframe of Small Transport Aircraft The project INKOM is focused on the application of advanced composite materials in aircraft struction. The use of progressive materials and technologies will significantly contribute to reduce the production costs and weight of structural parts, which contain a large number of parts and joints, or are processually demanding. Development and research in the field of composite materials application in the interior will be mainly focused on increasing of passenger comfort and, therefore, the main assignment will be the research on materials and their compositions to reduce noise in the cabin. The following activities will be carried out within the frame of the project: research of materials and their compositions, analysis of zones of internal noise in the cabine, the development of composite doors, engine nacelles development and research of their aerodynamic characteristics, interior cabin development and technologies research for the all these units production. 1.2.2012 30.6.2015 FR-TI4/543
AERO Vodochody Fixed Leading Edge for the KC-390 Aircraft The aim of the Project is to develop the fix leading edge of wing of KC-390 tactical airlifter and under framework of this project establish the latest development and production technologies in the Czech aerospace industry. The long-term effect is to improve competitiveness of the Czech aerospace industry by involvement in risk-sharing project jointly with world-leading aerospace companies. 1.2.2012 31.12.2015 FR-TI4/600