Large Infrastructure

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Large Infrastructure


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Infrastructure of VZLÚ wind tunnels is an essential part of basic and applied research and development in the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. Experimental work in research projects is carried out for a number of industries: aviation, surface transportation (cars, buses, trains, etc.), power, construction and the environment. Due to its strategic importance, VZLÚ wind tunnels were included among large infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation as facilities necessary for comprehensive research and development activities with high financial and technological demands. A document “Roadmap for Large Research, Development and Innovation Infrastructures in the Czech Republic” was approved by the Government on 15 March 2010 and wind tunnels are part of it.

VTP Department carried out a reconstruction of the distribution point last year. Now we are starting production of the new power unit for the wind tunnel. The old fan will be fully replaced by a new one, including the exchange of the stream tube. The new unit will consist of one-stage axial fan with composite blades. The production of unique composite blades will take place in the subsidiary company VZLÚ TECHNOLOGIES this year.

The replacement of the power unit of the wind tunnel, reconstruction of the measuring cabin and complete replacement of the control system will take place at the beginning of 2014. A cooling system of test airflow will be installed in the next two years.

In the last phase of reconstruction, some of the reversible blades of the 3mLSWT tunnel will be replaced and renovation of the experimental equipment will take place.

Objectives of the reconstruction:

  • increasing the speed of the wind tunnel
  • installation of the cooling system of the test airflow by reason of the temperature stability of tests
  • improvement of the characteristics of the test airflow
  • modernization of the experimental equipment

Within the Large Infrastructure Project, the wind tunnel department offers open access to this great infrastructure for both the possibility of elaboration of theses and dissertations and for the opportunity to carry out experiments, measurements and consultations in the field of experimental aerodynamics. Research projects and experiments carried out in the large infrastructure under open access are deprived of fees for the use of the infrastructure up to meeting the capacity of the open access. This applies to operating costs and operating personnel services related specifically to activity performed there.

Top five:

  • reconstruction of the 3mLSWT wind tunnel within the Large Infrastructure Project is the largest investment into the test equipment in VZLÚ
  • the weight of the power unit engine will be 16 tons, it will be about 4 times heavier than the old ČKD engine
  • the power of the new engine of the fan will be 1610 kW
  • the diameter of the new fan is designed to 4120 mm
  • the flow rate of the new fan is designed for 530 m3/s

We offer a free usage of the wind tunnel for scientific and students´ experiments


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Project duration:

2.1.2012 - 31.12.2016


principal Investigator for vzlu:

Ing. Petr Vrchota, Ph.D., Head of Aerodynamics, VZLÚ

Large Infrastructure with MYES funding (2012-2016)