Laboratory evaluation of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of surfaces

Evaluation of samples

services offered:

  • Laboratory tests and evaluation of chemical, physical and selected mechanical properties of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Corrosion tests
  • Machu test: Accelerated corrosion test in an ultrasonic bath
  • Autoclave - corrosion tests at elevated temperatures
  • Research, development and testing of new technologies and procedures on a laboratory scale and under pilot operating conditions

Electrochemical methods

  • measurement of corrosion properties of materials
  • measurement of electrochemical properties - polarization curves, coulometry, pitting tests, polarization resistance, corrosion rate
  • verification of the corrosion inhibitors effectiveness (e.g. CSN EN 480-14 Potentiostatic electrochemical test method)

Testing of system thin film substrate evaluation

  • fluid resistance test: drop method or diving test
  • scratch test: monitoring the adhesion of the system
  • testing of coating adhesion: tear and grid tests
  • gloss measurement, spectrophotometric measurement of colour change
  • assessing the degree of delamination and corrosion along the cut etc.

Non-destructive evaluation of surfaces

  • microscopic analysis: quality output using an optical microscope
  • capillary test: identification of surface defects of material
  • measurement of material thickness, roughness
  • measurement of surface resistivity
  • measurement of wettability of surface and surface tension

Destructive evaluation of materials

  • metallographic analysis
  • microscopic cross sectional evaluation
  • Rockwell hardness measurement
  • layer thickness and morphology

Mini-galvanic line

  • testing and development of the whole process of surface treatment on the mini-galvanic line - pickling, rinsing, plating, passivation, sealing, etc.
  • setting and optimizing bath parameters before putting them into real operation



  • Voltalab PGZ 100
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Taber Abraser
  • DR130 roughness meter
  • thickness gauges with different types of probes
  • glossmeter
  • X-Rite spectrophotometer
  • UV Helios
  • Machu test
  • Autoclave
  • Arsenal LPT 2013-T microscope
  • climate chamber for heat testing


Contact persons:

Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D., head of Corrosion and surface treatment department, VZLU
tel: 225 115 136, e-mail: