Key Words

Key Words

The following list contains key words to help potential users search for information they need.


CFD calculation – CFD; CFD calculation; computational fluid dynamics; aerodynamics; aerodynamic calculation, flow calculation; airfoil, wing; aerodynamic optimization; subsonic flow; transonic flow; supersonic flow; vehicle aerodynamics; car aerodynamics; building aerodynamics; wind engineering, pedestrian comfort; air conditioning; turbines, compressors;

Airplane design – aircraft; airplane; plane; sail plane; glider; fuselage; flap; slat; tail unit; rudder; airfoil design; wing design; aircraft design; airplane design;

Flight mechanics – flight performance; flight characteristics; stability; flight controllability; aircraft manoeuvrability; aircraft controllability; aerodynamic derivation;

Optimization – Multi-criterion optimization; paret front; evolution algorithm; micro genetic algorithm; meta modeling; approximate statistics technique; trigging; Gaussian process, neuronal network; airfoil aerodynamic optimization; wing optimization; strain gauge balance optimization;

Wind tunnel measurement – wind tunnel;  windtunnel in Prague, wind tunnel in Prague, windtunnels in Prague, Czech windtunnel, wind tunnels in the Czech Republic, windtunnels in the Czech Republic, VZLU wind tunnels,  windtunnel measurements, low speed tunnel; wind tunnel measurement; wind tunnel testing; wind tunnel experiment; PIV; flow visualization; anemometer; aerodynamic derivation; wind tunnel; aerodynamic balance; hot wire anemometer; wind tunnel corrections; model manipulator; scale model measurement; aircraft measurement; automobile measurement; transport vehicle measurement; high speed wind tunnel; supersonic measurement; BLWT; boundary layer; Prague,

Test laboratories

Vibration tests – vibration testing; vibration testing in Prague, vibration testing in the Czech Republic; vibration tests in Prague; vibration; mechanical tests; mechanical tests in Prague, mechanical tests in the Czech Republic; environmental tests; vacuum; ice creation; accredited tests; RTCA; DO160; MIL STD 810E; EN 61373; EN 60068; shocks; random vibration; combined tests; linear acceleration; acceleration;

Climatic corrosion tests – climatic corrosion tests; weather tests; corrosion tests; corrosion tests in Prague; corrosion tests in the Czech Republic; climatic chambers; climatic chambers in Prague; climatic chambers in the Czech Republic; climatic chamber testing; climatic chamber testing in Prague; environmental testing; accredited tests; salt mist; solar radiation; solar radiation test; UV radiation; humidity; dust; protection; temperature variation; temperature shock; ozone test; painting system; layer thickness measurement; paint adherence; grid test; painting system resistivity; RTCA; DO160; MIL STD 810E; EN 61373; EN 60068; ISO 9227; ISO 6988; SWAAT; ASTM G 85; spectral analysis; optical emission spectrometry (OES); atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS); purity of liquids; hydraulic liquid; liquid impurity measurement; NAS 1638;

Hydraulics testing and LPG/CNG – certification tests, LPG, CNG, ECE-OSN-R67.01, ECE-OSN-R110; vehicle alternative propulsion; pressure gauge calibration; deformation pressure gauge; vacuum; hydraulic pressure dynamic test; hydrostatic pressure test; hydraulic circuit components; hydraulic hose; cycling; test to destruction;

Acoustic measurement – acoustic source; acoustic load; noise measurement; acoustic pressure level; noise frequency analysis; noise monitoring; noise evaluation and reduction; noise condition assessment; noise protection measures; reasonably achieved noise level; acoustic resistance test; acoustically induced vibration test; ČSN EN 60068-2-65

Electrical systems testing – needle pulse voltage; controllability; supply; resistance; disturbance; pulses; controllability by low frequency signals; magnetic effects; transient voltage; waves; extreme working conditions; short-time power cut; induced signal control; magnetic field; electric field; transient phenomena; electrostatic discharge, electrostatic discharge test; electrostatic discharge resistance;

Structure and material testing 

Static test – strength test; strength of aircraft structural testing, airframe, full-scale tests, strength tests in Prague; strength tests in the Czech Republic; static strength test; static strenght tests in Prague; stiffness test; stiffness tests in Prague; stiffness tests in the Czech Republic; landing gear static test; specification; test piece; test specimen; basic position of test piece; working pre-stress; load cases; working load; design load; fracture test; loading system; force application; force resultant; loading point; rocker system; balancing of proper weights; fixture; mock-up; strain and stress measurements; crucial point; strain-gauge measurement; test lay-out; test grid; test setup; linen curtains; sockets; chucks; permanent deformation; local permanent strain; local stability loss in skin (snapping); failure; residual strength test; residual test; safety factor; force balance; specimen and test facility conformity; strain gauges; shock test; simulated crash test; Prague

Fatigue tests – fatigue tests in Prague; fatigue tests in the Czech Republic; fatigue safe life; design life; service life; endurance test; strength of stracture, strength of aircraft, endurance tests in Prague; endurance tests in the Czech Republic; full-scale test; full-scale tests in Prague; full-scale tests in the Czech Republic; damage tolerance; safe-life; fail-safe; servo-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic test systems; trial stages; lab fatigue test; NDT; flaw detection at fatigue tests; strain measurement; level measurement; test piece correction; simulated flight hour; specifications; strain gauge measurement; fatigue crack; specimen visual inspection; load case; block load; test piece; operation load spectrum; load level; ground-air-ground cycle; random load; random load spectrum; safety factor; safety coefficient; critical point; residual strength after fatigue test; residual testing; conformity of test piece and testing facility; strain gauge measurement; electro-hydraulic load system; bird strike tests

Modal test – experimental modal analysis; EMA; operational modal analysis; OMA; operational oscillation shapes; vibration animation; resonance test; ground vibration test; GVT; gvt, MIMO; modal parameter identification; excitation identification; vibration measurement; vibration analysis; response simulation; structural dynamic modification; certification test; rotary machines vibration; modal parameters; eigenfrequency; natural frequency; natural oscillation shape; oscillation mode; attenuation constant; logarithmic decrement; generalized mass; generalized stiffness; harmonic excitation; shock excitation; pulse excitation; random excitation; sinusoidal excitation; wobble excitation; operational excitation replication; transfer function; FRF; dynamic stiffness; dynamic compliance; dynamic model; modal model;

Metrological laboratory – calibration of strain gauge dynamometers; accredited calibration lab; calibration lab in Prague; calibration lab in the Czech Republic; dynamometer calibration; strain gauge measurement; construction deformation measurement; ČSN EN 17025, ČSN EN 10002 – 1, ČSN 0113;

Flaw detection – NDT; NDI; nondestructive testing of materials and structures; certified personnel; operational check; life lengthening; visual method; visual technique; VT; eddy currents; ultrasound; ultrasonics; shearography; acoustic emission; penetration method; interferometry; experimental stress analysis;

Material characteristics tests and experimental stress analysis – static test; static test in Prague; static test in the Czech Republic; fatigue test; fatigue test in Prague; fatigue test in the Czech Republic; material characteristics; crack propagation rate; crack propagation speed; fracture toughness; fatigue properties; material fatigue; humidity tests; force controlled test; strain controlled test; hysteresis loop; friction corrosion; development of techniques; special tests; procedure development for special tests; metallographic analysis; metallographic lab; metallographic sample; spectrometer; contact free stress analysis; photogrammetric systems; PONTOS; ARAMIS; Q-100; Q-800; laser extensometer; photoelastometry; strain gauge; tensometric measurement; high temperature furnace; BMC; climatic chamber; environmental test; fracture surface analysis; composite material testing; structural analysis; debonding; delamination; material properties database;

Structural and material analysis

Strength and fatigue analyses – operational load; statistic evaluation of loading; generation of loading processes; strength analysis; strength analysis in Prague; strength calculation; FEM; FEM calculation; joint calculation; stress distribution; limit state calculation; stability calculation; buckling strength; fatigue damage; crack propagation; crash cases; structure weight optimization; safe life; fail safe; damage tolerance; fracture mechanics; residual strength; CATIA V5; FEMAP; MSC PATRAN; MSC NASTRAN; ABAQUS; LMS TecWare; LMS FALANCE;

Aeroelasticity analysis – aeroelasticity; aeroelasticity analysis in Prague, aeroelasticity analysis in the Czech Republic; aeroelasticity calculation; modal analysis; flutter; flutter calculation; dynamics; structural dynamics; construction dynamics; dynamic stability; dynamic response; dynamically similar model; aeroelasticy experiments; divergence; control reversion; NASTRAN program system; oscillation; whirl flutter; dynamic strain measurement; FEM; FEM model tuning; optimization; aeroelasticity optimization;

Power plant unit

UAV propellers – BP; project; propeller; blade; composite; Aluminum alloys; aerodynamics; optimization; design; construction; manufacture; production; analysis; EASA; ÚCL; CAA CR; experimental; separation flutter; materials; research;

Industrial fans – research project; propeller; rotor; fan; blade; wood; composite; Aluminum alloys; aerodynamics; optimization; design; construction; manufacture; analysis; experimental; tests; materials; research;

Turbine engines – turbine testing; turbine testing in Prague; turbine testing in the Czech Republic; compressor testing; compressor testing in Prague; vibration measurement; vibration measurements in Prague; vibration measurements in the Czech Republic; high speed rotor; CFD; combustion chamber calculation; turbine calculation; compressor calculation; turbine testing facility design; FMEA and FMEC reliability analysis; high speed gear design; system design of turbine engine control; fire tests, testing


Composite parts – composite; design; construction; analysis; manufacture; tests; research; matrix; fiber; reinforced plastics; fiber reinforced plastics; contact lamination;

3D measurement – geometry; measurement; 3D; ACCURA; evaluation; analysis; CAD; modeling;

Special technologies and services

Composite technologies – contact lamination composite ; composites ; technoloy ; GERP ; CERP ; FRP ; glass ; aluminum ; Kevlar ; aramid ; epoxy ; epoxid ; RTM ; RFI ; VIP ; prepreg ; autoclave ; matrix ; reinforcing fiber ; plastics ; design calculation ; FEM ; simulation ; manufacture ; production ; prototype ; model ; mould ; die ; resin transfer molding, moulding, rtm, compozite, composite structure, composite development, infusion processes, recycling,

Friction Stir Welding - FSW – FSW; friction stir welding; friction welding; combined friction welding; welding; joining; joining technologies; advanced technology; welding of aluminum alloys; weldability; hard-to-weld material; welding stress; aluminum alloys;

General terms – aviation research; aviation research in Prague; aviation research in the Czech Republic; aeronautics development; aeronautics development in Prague; aircraft; airplane; aviation; aeronautics; space activities; space activities in Prague; space activities in the Czech Republic; space research; aviation testing; aviation testing in Prague; aviation t esting in the Czech Republic; certification; certification test; accredited laboratory; acredited laboratory in Prague; tests; testing; tests and testing; experimental work; experiments; development; r&d; engineering; structure tests, structural tests, strength of aircraft, strenght of aircraft, full-scale tests, airframe tests, aiframe tests in Prague, airframe tests in the Czech Republic.