Introducing new spin off company VZLUTEST, a.s.


We would like to announce that on November 9, 2015 was established a new spin-off Aerospace Research and Test Establisment called:


from 1 January 2016 will be transferred to this company the conducting of tests of products, materials and samples that were previously performed by the Testing laboratory in VZLU. At the same time these activities are no more provided by VZLU. These include mainly the following tests:

  • mechanical resistance (vibrations, shocks, linear acceleration, etc.).
  • climatic and corrosion tests (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, protection, corrosion testing)
  • pressure tests (hydrostatic pressure test of static, dynamic, destructive)
  • test systems for LPG and CNG
  • testing of electrical assemblies and systems
  • calibration of selected variables (eg. temperature, pressure, weight)

These activities will be carried out in the same place, with the same equipment, the same staff, and according to the same procedures as before. The activities will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 requirements and other standards.

We believe that the separation of these activities from VZLU will contribute to the further successful development, positively promote the range and quality of services offered and to bring our customers even more flexibility.


VZLU TEST, a.s., Beranových 130, 199 05  Praha – Letňany,

tel.: +420 225 115 354, e-mail:

Ředitel akciové společnosti:

Ing. Miroslav Valeš, Ph.D.,tel.: +420 225 115 267

mobil.: +420 724 966 830


Vedoucí Zkušebny mechanické odolnosti:

Ing. Richard Vilikus, tel.: +420 225 115 190

mobil.: +420 736 503 259


Vedoucí Zkušebny klimatotechnologie:

Ing. Pavel Malý, tel.: +420 225 115 113

mobil.: +420 724 278 559


Vedoucí Zkušebny hydrauliky

Ing. Jindřich Žďánský, tel.: +420 225 115 221

mobil.: +420 602 385 074