International seminar – Advanced technologies, materials and devices for space application

"Advanced technologies, materials and devices for space application"

The Organizing Committee of the International Seminar SPACE’2010 invites you and your colleagues to take part in this event.

The Seminar goal is to assist the international cooperation of researchers from academic institutes, universities, scientific and educational centers, industrial and designing companies in solving of topical problems in the field of space research and engineering.

The Seminar will be held on 5-7 October 2010 at the Conference hall of the Aerospace Research and Test Establishment, Beranovych 130, 199 05 Prague, Czech Republic. Please see the interactive map.

The SPACE’2010 organizers: Aerospace Research and Test Establishment (VZLU), Prague, Czech Republic and Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences (ICP RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation.

The SPACE’2010 Seminar Programme will include oral and poster presentations, as well as general discussions corresponding with the topics of the seminar.

Main topics are:

  • Advanced technologies, materials and devices for space application
  • Performance analysis and simulation of dynamic processes, systems, sensors, and materials for space application
  • Microgravity (physical and chemical processes, measuring facilities)
  • Protection against radiation and meteorites for long-term expeditions
  • Large- and small-scale space platforms and vehicles, inflatable designs
  • Inflatable cured designs for space applications
  • Pirotecnic systems and gas generators for space applications
  • Ground Testing of materials, aerospace systems and sensors
  • Earth Observation
  • International co-operation and prospective projects


Selection of presentations will be carried out in accordance with the abstracts and application forms of participants. Abstracts submitted to review (MS Word, about 600 words in length, Times New Roman 12 font), should present a clear concise view of the motivation of the subject, give an outline, and include information on all authors (the full name, affiliation, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the corresponding author). The language of the abstracts is English. The electronic file should have a name of first author of the paper and should be sent to both addresses: and

Publication: the abstracts of accepted presentations will be published in a special book and provided for the conference participants. The full manuscripts (up to 6 pages) of papers will be published in special issue of the science-technical magazine TRANSFER.

During workshop working days following cultural events and social aspects will be ensured:

  • invitation party at the evening in the first working day of workshop;
  • assistance in accommodation booking for workshop participants;
  • meals (lunch and coffee break) for workshop participants


We recommend accommodation in hotel DUO
For your reservation use attached Hotel reservation form