Innovation vouchers Prague

Innovation Vouchers enable corporate entities with their registered office in Prague to order services from VZLÚ. These companies may be granted a subsidy of up to 75%, up to 200 000 CZK.

The programme is primarily aimed at facilitating access to services provided by research organizations. Companies that have not cooperated with VZLÚ yet can apply for vouchers. Current VZLÚ customers can also apply for vouchers, but it must be a different type of services than those ordered in the past.

The call will be opened 21.5.2013 and deadline for applications is 15.7.2013.
Both new and existing VZLÚ customers can apply for vouchers. For more information about who can apply, please refer to the Innovation vouchers guideline.

As a part of the Innovation Vouchers programme, VZLÚ offers a wide range of research, development and testing services, which are specified here.