Ing. Josef Kaspar chairman of EREA

On 4 Dec 2013 meeting of leadership of the Association of European  Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA) was held in Brussel. Director of VZLU Ing. Josef Kaspar was announced as chairman of the EREA for the following two years.

EREA was founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization (association) with the following aims: to promote and represent the common interests of its members, to develop cooperation between members, to integrate activities in the civil and military aviation and space-related activities, to improve cooperation with EREA members and third parties in the aviation, to integrate research resources and capacities to streamline EU aeronautics research in order to maintain the privileged position of European aviation in a global context and to develop and implement a joint program of activities .

VZLU is a member of EREA since 2001. Members of the Association are involved in the preparation of European programs to support research and development of new technologies.

More information can be found on EREA.