Improving the safety of aviation technology in the international program Future Sky Safety

The grant agreement of Future Sky Safety, an EU-funded €15 million transport research project in the field of European aviation safety, was signed in November. It will bring together 32 European partners to develop new tools and new approaches to aeronautics safety over a four-year period starting in January 2015.

The project's research activities will focus on four main topics:
•Building ultra-resilient vehicles and improving the cabin safety
•Reducing risk of accidents
•Improving processes and technologies to achieve near-total control over the safety risks
•Improving safety performance under unexpected circumstances

The project will also help coordinate the research and innovation agendas of several countries and institutions, as well as create synergies with other EU initiatives in the field (e.g. SESAR , Clean Sky 2 ).

Future Sky Safety was selected for funding by the European Commission Directorate General Research and Innovation in the 2014 call for proposals 'Mobility for Growth'.