Important visits of famous persons in VZLÚ

Janez Potočnik in VZLU

Significant visits of famous persons in VZLÚ, i.e. presidential visits

Leading political personalities were always interested in the aerospace industry, which is a strategic discipline in terms of defence of the state and an important part of the industry that produces products with high added value. In the long history of VZLÚ, the Institute was visited by a number of great personalities. Former presidents of Czechoslovakia, TG Masaryk and E. Beneš, are displayed on historical photos. President Miloš Zeman along with members of the Board of Aerospace Research and Test Establishment is shown on one photograph when he was a Prime Minister visiting VZLÚ more than ten years ago.

In the recent history, we can mention a visit of the European Commissioner for Research Mr Janez Potočnik in 2008. Mr Potočnik was accompanied by the leading representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The purpose of the visit was to present one of the leading research centres in the Czech Republic, which are involved in European research programs.

Virtually all political representatives have always tried to provide adequate financial support for the research, development and innovation, which are the main factors of competitiveness of the Czech industry. VZLÚ with its research and experimental capacities ensures the development and transfer of new knowledge and technologies into industrial practice.