Hlavickiada 2010 - "How many tons can be raised into the air"

On October 11, 2010 a special event called Hlavickiada (Small Heads) with a topic: "How many tons can be raised into the air" took place in the conference room of the Strength of Structures Department. The event was part of a project the Czech heads, which is similar to the famous event Czech Heads. Hlavickiada is organized by a company Česká hlava s.r.o. and is designed for high school students who are interested in science and research and who attend cognitive events organised by various science, research and development centers in the Czech Republic.

This time several dozens of high school students visited the VZLU premises where they had the opportunity to become acquainted with the problems of aircraft development, their testing, demonstration of the airworthiness and other activities that VZLU provides in aviation and space sector. Lectures were given and questions were answered by Mr Jiri Fiala (head of Aerodynamics) and Mr Josef Jironc (head of Strength of Structure department), who also showed students round their departments and demonstrated some real aircraft designs and test equipments.