Heat resistant composite materials and structures


Heat resistant composites:

  • Development of heat-resistant composite systems
  • Development of heat-resistant elements of aviation structures (heat shields, engine nacelles and cowlings)
  • Development of firewalls, fire barriers/bulkheads
  • Development of thermal insulation elements
  • Development of heat resistant foam materials
  • Static and fatigue tests of materials, nodes and structures
  • Operational and climatic tests of materials, nodes and structures
  • Fire resistance tests according to CS 25 Appendix F Part II
  • Fire resistance and fireproof tests according to DO160G, AC20-135, ISO2685



  • Prototype workshop
  • Laboratory for thermomechanical analyses
  • Laboratory for operational and climatic tests
  • Static and fatigue testing laboratories
  • Laboratory for tests of fire resistance and fire resistance


Research projects:

  • INKOM – “Integration of composite materials into airframe of small transport aircraft”, (2012-2015, MIT-TIP, contract No. FR-TI4/543)
  • FSS – FUTURE SKY SAFETY, ”WP7.2 - Material solutions to mitigate fire, smoke and fumes in cabin“, (2015-2018, EK - H2020, contract No. 640597)
  • "Advanced Composite Materials and Technologies" Sub-objective No. 1 (2018-2022, MPO Institutional funding for DKRVO)

Contact person:

Ing. Bohuslav Cabrnoch, Ph.D., Head of R&D and design engineering, Composite technologies department, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 480, e-mail: cabrnoch@vzlu.cz