Gas holder in Liben showed its secrets to public

On the weekend of May 13 - 14, 2017, the 3rd annual Open House Prague took place. Within this festival more than 40 buildings  which are usually inaccessible were opened. Among the buildings that were accessible to the public was, among other things, the Libeňský plynojem, in which the VZLÚ high-speed aerodynamic tunnel is located. The patronage and face of the festival was architect Eva Jiřičná.

For more info about Liben´s gas holder  visit the Open House Prague website or the Prague daily newspaper.


About the Libeň gasholder:

Built in 1932, the Libeň gasholder served its original purpose for 10 years only. At the end of World War II it was hit by shots fired from an aiplane´s gun, which prevented it from being used further on. In 1949 it was handed over to VZLU, which made it a high speed wind tunnel, the biggest facility of this kind ever built on the territory of former Czechoslovakia.

The high speed aerodynamics wind tunnel is a unique experimental facility used for aerodynamic calculations and tests at high flow speeds up to M3.5.

More information about the history of the gas tank is available on Wikipedia..