Further cooperation with Škoda Power, a.s. in the area of turbine development

The Aerospace Research and Test Establishment has just completed another order for Škoda Power, a.s successfully. This time it is a swivel stator assembly making part of the turbine developed within the project FT-TA5/067 - Unsteady Flow of an Axial-Flow Turbine Stage Investigation, the aim of which is to increase the efficiency of blade turbine machinery through flow-path optimization. This goal will be achieved by an accurate measurement of unsteady flow fields using a new experimental facility for all turbine stages in operation. The system of data collection and analysis will be verified. Special probes will be used to study high frequency flow fields in individual turbine stages and selected models will be tested according to manufacturers’ requirements. Experimental results will be used for the verification of numerical methods and compared with the solution making use of commercially available software. The simultaneous application of numerical and experimental approaches will lead to increased effectiveness of the optimisation process. Successful implementation of the proposed techniques will allow the design of new, more effective and competitive blade machinery.

Stator swivel is ensured by a stepping motor, worm-gear unit and rack bar. It is a unique design enabling swivel of the stator wheel in a turbine stage by approx. 80° which results in a significantly simpler design of traverse device. The entire turbine stand will be used for the investigation of unsteady flow in the turbine stage.

Škoda Power, a.s. was fully satisfied with the completed order and further cooperation is expected in the year to come.