Foreign journalists at VZLU

journalists at VZLU

Five journalists of the global aviation journals visited VZLU on 6th March. The journalists were interested in the Czech aerospace industry, especially the support of the domestic aviation industry with respect to research and development activities and innovations. The intention of journalists is probably to analyse the different R&D approaches in individual countries.

According to their own words, they appreciated the visit of laboratories and testing rooms as well as discussions with researchers. Some of journalists were surprised that a relatively small research centre from the heart of Europe has such international contacts and participates in a number of major aerospace programs that the world press regularly informs about.

Delegation of journalists at VZLU:

  • Guy Norris - Senior Editor, Aviation Week and Space Technology (US, global)
  • Steve Trimble - Americas Managing Editor, FlightGlobal (US, global)
  • Kerry Ann Keim - Senior Editor, Aviation International News (US, global)
  • Maxime Perrais - Contributing editor, ADIT – The Bulletin (France)
  • Marino Boric - Writer; International Correspondent (US, EU, China)