Flight Mechanics

services in flight mechanics:

  • Aircraft performance and characteristics calculation
  • Aircraft analyses and design modifications
  • Aerodynamic derivation measurement in wind tunnel



  • Software for calculation and determination of aerodynamic derivations, characteristics and performance
  • Panel Methods
  • 3D computational SW
  • Aerodynamics balance for determination of aerodynamics derivations


Research projects:

  • CLKV – “Centre for aerospace research” (2005-2011, MYES- Centres)
  • AJT – “Advanced aircraft wing“, (2012-2015, MIT ministry – TIP4, project No. FR-TI4/603)


ContacT person:

Doc. Ing. Zdeněk Pátek, CSc., Chief Aerodynamist of VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 124, e-mail: patek@vzlu.cz



  • Hospodář P., Vrchota P., Drábek A.: „Flying Qualities Estimation Methods for Small Unconventional Aircraft“, International Review of Mechanical Engineering, July 2011, No. 5, pp. 1026-1038