Final meeting and end of integrated project CESAR

final Meeting and end of
integrated project CESAR

On 10. 2. and 11. 2. 2010 was held two-day final meeting of CESAR (Cost-Effective Small AiRcraft) project participants in hotel Pyramida in Prague. All meeting was organized by Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, which is the coordinator of the project. Together with more than 90 participants from 39 companies and 14 countries took part in this final meeting also representative of European Commission Mr. José Manuel Martin-Hernandez a two external reviewers. Single leaders of project parts presented their results on the project. The work flow in second project year was evaluated very positively by both representative of European Commission and two external reviewers.

The CESAR project was concluded in February 2010 and it is already clear it will not remain the only one and will be followed by other similar projects. The final CESAR Publishable Activity Report submitted to the European Commission after the end of the project you can download HERE.

The project was concentrated on the area of small transport aircraft for 5 to 15 passengers; it is a segment of the so-called general aviation. Research and development activities focused on the development process of aircraft of this category with the aim to lower development costs by 20% and shorten the time-to-market from the average 6 years to 4 years. The technical aspect of the project was aimed at improving development tools in the area of aerodynamics and aircraft construction.

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