Expert Workshop: Air Flow Modelling in Aeronautics and Industrial Applications

On 22 September 2009, the 9th scientific and technical workshop on the air flow research was held at the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute a.s. (VZLU), Prague, focused on air flow research called ”Air Flow Modelling in Aeronautics and Industrial Applications“.
It was the fourth time the workshop resumed the tradition of the applied aerodynamics colloquium, which is, apart from aeronautics, also focused on applications such as vane machinery, vehicles, air engineering, textile industry, etc.
As for its scope, the workshop covers mainly the field of computational flow modelling (CFD), while making use of the results of experimental research.
Eight papers were presented in the one day workshop divided into two blocks. The first block focused on the issue of new CFD solutions developed by VZLU for various industrial applications. The papers in the second block covered the development of PSP decay method by VZLU, simulation of ice formation on aircraft constructions, optimisation of wing end parts and the last paper dealt with the method of the wing uplift line optimisation. All the papers have been published in the journal Transfer No. 10/2009.