EU framework programmes (2001-2017)

VZLU is actively taking part in European projects of research and development, especially in EU framework programmes (EU FP). The general aim of these programmes is deepening international cooperation and integrating research and development potential for the overall streamlining of research activities.

VZLU serves as professional contact organization for aerospace with the aim to intensify the participation of the Czech entities in EU FP. VZLU welcomes in this context any proposals for cooperation in EU FP and in other programmes.

VZLU participates in many international research projects in various technical disciplines such as aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, structural strength, development and application of composite materials in aircraft structures and the like. At present, VZLU belongs to the most active Czech organizations in EU FP in the area of aeronautics.


Participation of VZLÚ in FP EU 2001 - 2012

RP Akronym Title of project Coordinator
7.RP ANULOID Investigation of novel vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft concept, designed for operations in urban areas NLR
7.RP AFLONEXT 2nd Generation active Wing - Active Flow-Loads & noise control on next generation wing Airbus
7.RP CANAL CreAting NonconventionAl Laminates NLR
7.RP SARISTU Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures AIRBUS OPERATIONS GMBH
7.RP BOPACS Boltless assembling and repair Of Primary Aerospace Composite Structures NLR
7.RP IASS Improving the aircraft safety by self healing structure and protecting nanofillers. Universita di Salermo
7.RP STIRSCAN Detection of kissing bonds in friction stir welds in aerostructures Vermon SA
7.RP LEMCOTEC Low Emissions Core-Engine Technologies ROLLS-ROYCE DEUTSCHLAND LTD & CO KG
7.RP ESPOSA Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft PBS Velká Bíteš
7.RP CERFAC Cost effective Reinforcement of Fastner Areas in Composites Centre de recherche en aeronautique ASBL
7.RP INMA Innovative Manufacturing of complex Ti sheet components Fundacion FATRONIK
7.RP PRIMAE Packaging of future Integreated Modular Electronics Thales Avionics
7.RP IMS & CPS Innovative Material Synergies & Composite Processing Strategies COEXPAIR
7.RP IMAC-PRO Industrialization of Manufacturing Technologies for   Composite Profiles for Aerospace Applications EADS DEUTSCHLAND
7.RP SADE Smart High Lift Devices for Next Generation Wings DLR
7.RP GREENWAKE Wake Wortex Detection Systéme Incorporating an Atmospheric Hazard Map LIDAR TECHNOLOGIES
6.RP EWA European Windtunnel Association DLR
6.RP ALCAS Advanced Low Cost Aircraft structures AIRBUS DASSAULT
6.RP NACRE New Aircraft Concepts Research AIRBUS SAS
6.RP AVERT Aerodynamic Validatin of Emission Reducing Technologies AIRBUS UK
6.RP SimSAC Simulating Aircraft Stability and Control Characteristics for use in Conceptual design KTH
6.RP AUTOW Automated preform Fabrication by Dry Tow Placement NLR
6.RP CESAR Cost Effective small Aircraft VZLÚ
6.RP ASTERA 2 Aeronautical Stakeholders Tools for the European Research Agenda 2 EADS
6.RP TRIPS Preparatory Action on the enhancement of the European industrial potential in the field of Security research ANSALDO
6.RP LOSTIR Development of a Low Cost Processing Unit for Friction Stir Welding TWI
6.RP  AERONEWS Health monitoring of aircraft by Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy KTH
6.RP  ADELINE Advanced air-Data Equipment for airLINErs THALES AVIONICS
6.RP   COSEE Cooling of seat electronic boxes and cabin equipment THALES AVIONICS 
6.RP  AirTN Air Transport Net DLR
6.RP   SPOTSTIR The Development of a Hand Held Friction Stir Spot Welding Gun for Automotive Vehicle Body Repair TWI
6.RP  TELFONA Testing of Laminar Flow on New Aircraft AIRBUS UK
6.RP   MOJO Modular Joints for Composite Aircraft Components EADS
6.RP  KATNET Key Aerodynamic Technologies to Meet the Vision 2020 Challenges AIRBUS DEU
6.RP   FRIENDCOPTER Integration of technologies in support of a passenger and environmentally friendly helicopter VERTAIR
6.RP  HELIX Innovative Aerodynamic High Lift Concepts BAEs
5.RP  3AS Active Aeroelasticity Aircraft Structure DASA
5.RP  PLUG2DRIVE Light electric drive unit for the rapid and cost effective retrofitting D.Appolonia
5.RP  VELA Integrated Wing Fuselage Configuration EADS
5.RP  EHA Electro Hydraulic Actuator Novintec
5.RP  MMFSC Manuf. And Modelling of fabricated Structural Compoments  


* on-going projects are in bold letters