EREA end year event

EREA members

On Tuesday 9th December 2008, about 80 participants attended the EREA end year event organised at hotel Rennaissance in Brussels by the Board of EREA.

VZLU is EREA’s member since 2001. The Association includes 7 national aerospace establishments of the EU. EREA has a strong influence on making European policy in aerospace research and technology. EREA’s Member States work on preparing European programmes promoting new developments in research and technology.

Mr Daniel Jacob, Deputy General Director of DG Research, in charge of “Outsourcing and implementation of new mechanisms under FP7, also responsible for some FP7 programmes such as the “Ideas” programme, and for some themes such as “Transport” which covers the Aeronautics research sector, was the guest speaker of the evening.

The event was also the occasion for Denis Maugars, Chairman of EREA, to award the winners of both awards this year: 
The EREA award for the best publication was awarded to Roland Ewertf from DLR Braunschweig for his article in the journal "Computers & Fluids (Elsevier), entitled" Broadband slat noise prediction based on CAA and stochastic sound sources from a fast random particle-mesh (RPM) method.
The EREA award for the best innovative idea has been attributed to Mr Guillermo Paniagua from VKI for his study proposal on "Turbine modulation shocks with plasma actuators (TUSMOPLA). The feasibility study will be done in cooperation with INTA and ONERA.