EREA Annual Event 2017 and EREA Awards

Winners of EREA Awards 2017

The annual meeting and the prize-giving ceremony took place this year at “The Hotel” in Brussels. The guest speaker of the evening was Mr. Kurt Vandenberge, Director for Policy Development and Coordination at the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation. Mr. Bruno Sainjon, president of the EREA, handed over the prizes for the best scientific publications.

The gala evening was kicked off by the president of the association, who reviewed his two years as the head of the EREA. During his leadership, EREA has produced many joint proposals and continued the preparation of the Future Sky Safety initiative. Overall, EREA participated in a number of conferences and important meetings throughout Europe during that period.

The award for the best scientific publication - EREA Awards - was taken by the following researchers: Rierluigi Iannelli (CIRA), Frédéric Moens (ONERA), Mauro Minervino (Piaggio) and Rita Ponza and Ernesto Benini (University of Padua) for an article „Comparison of Optimization strategies for High-Lift Design" published in the Journal of Aircraft. In the second place, an article entitled "Characterization of a highly effective chevron - shaped anti-contamination device" was prepared by ONERA scientists (published in the Springer - Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2016). The third place was taken by researchers from INTA, with their article "Surrogate modeling for the main landing gear of an Airbus passenger aircraft" published in Aerospace Science and Technology.

VZLU has been a member of the Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA) since 2001. The Association associates most of the national aviation research centres of the European Union. EREA influences actively the European aviation research and technological development policy. Members of the association are involved in the preparation of European programs to support research and development of new technologies.