“VZLU deals with specialized activities which significantly contribute to reducing negative impact of technology on the environment. Some of its knowledge from aeronautical fields is applied here; special experimental devices are used for environmental research.“ 

VZLU uses its knowledge and a Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWT) infrastructure for modelling of the spread of industrial emissions and other harmful gases in urban areas or in broken terrain areas. Results obtained from the experimental verification in BLWT tunnel are used for the development of advanced software tools that allow prediction of the spread of harmful substances and also serve for the design of preventive measures for the improvement of the environment.

VZLU contributes in the area aeroacoustics to the reduction of noise emissions from aircraft and land transport vehicles. VZLU also deals with reduction of noise and vibrations of various types of industrial applications and systems such as fans, nozzles, jet looms, rotating machines, etc. The services offered include analysis of noise and vibrations, noise prediction and computer simulations using commercial software and in-house codes. Noise and vibration measurements both in laboratory conditions and in the field are carried out with the use of modern measuring equipment.

The research and development capacity of VZLU is focused also on reduction of CO2 and NOX emissions from different types of turbine machinery (gas turbines, aircraft turbine engines etc.). These activities include the combustion research and the development of new types of combustion chambers for turbine machinery in particular. Experimental work is carried out in laboratories and test rooms in Prague Letňany.

VZLU‘s significant infrastructure (Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, specialized test lab for combustion chambers, etc.) is a unique basis for experimental verification of the results obtained analytically. Analytical tools are further developed due to possibilities to carry out experiments.