English-Czech Aerospace Dictionary

English-Czech Aviation Dictionary

In 1984 VZLU made a decision to produce an English-Czech dictionary, first as a 24-page annex to its journal Zpravodaj VZLU (VZLU Proceedings) which was published regularly. Later the dictionary continually appeared as separate parts published by SNTL (State Publisher of Technical Literature).

The original idea, translation by specialists of terms from NATO AGARD Aeronautical Multilingual Dictionary turned out not to be feasible due to difficulties in term indexing. So another approach has been adopted consisting of the excerption of terms from hundreds of professional reports, journals and air explanatory dictionaries I possessed as the chairman of ISO TC 20 SC8 Czechoslovak Air Terminological Commission.

After 1989 velvet revolution work on the dictionary was suspended due to funds shortage. Owing to the support of the former VZLU managing director Milan Holl and the Ministry of Trade and Industry the work on the dictionary restarted and was completed successfully in 1999.

The dictionary contains more than 150.000 terms from aerospace and related branches. Its use is quite simple. Some most important aeronautical terms are nested. For instance under the term AUTOPILOT there are all autopilot types that were available to the author.

I have pleasure to thank all those who from the very beginning provided me with valuable information and expert advice without which the dictionary would have never become an accomplished fact, particularly Josef Dobřemysl for provision of supplemental terms, Ladislav Vymětal for emendation and proof-reading, Mrs Dvořáková and Mrs Vopěnková for computer typing and many others.

Jiří Kučera



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English-Czech Aerospace Dictionary