Engineering and testing for space

Offer of R&D services:

VZLU provides a wide range of professional services for the development of devices intended for the use in space:

  • Design proposals
  • FEM strength analysis and calculations (static, dynamic, ...)
  • Thermodynamic simulations and temperature analysis
  • Aeroelasticity, modal and flutter analysis, including VZLU´s aerodynamic tunnel verification
  • Reliability analysis
  • Design and development of electronic or electromechanical systems
  • Development and use of simulation tools CFD-FEM coupling, development of special CFD codes

The development work also includes some types of qualification tests, focusing on mechanical and climatic resistance. Test equipment comprises vibrating devices, climatic and thermo-vacuum chambers. Services include design and development of electronic systems. The working site has clean rooms, which are necessary for the development of devices used in space.

VZLU also provides consulting services in the field of Quality Assurance and in the field of implementation of the ESA (European Space Agency) standards.



  • Clean room (ISO8, ISO7)
    • Construction, soldering, measurement
    • Cleanliness - room: ISO8 (100,00) 30m2, ISO7 (10,000) 25m2
  • Vibration tests (quasistatics, sinus, random, shock)
  • Thermovacuum chamber
    • Chamber volume: 1m3, vacuum: less than 10-3 Pa
    • Temperature: range -70ºC ÷150ºC, accuracy: 0.1°C, speed: 1°C/min
    • Maximum dimensions of the object for testing in TV chamber: 850x950x800
  • SW for strength analysis (Patran/Nastran, Adams, Abaqus, ANSYS), simulations in Matlab, CAD/CAM design (Catia, PRO/E, ...)
  • Centrifuge - sample max. 50kg, acceleration up to 25g, shock tests up to 10000 gSRS - at VZLU TEST, a.s.


CONTACT person:

Ing. Radek Peřestý, head of the Space Technologies deprtment of VZLU, director of subsidiary SERENUM a.s. 
tel:+420 225 115 115, e-mail: