Dynamics and vibrations of gas turbine engines and other turbomachinery


Dynamic assessment of wane wheels:

  • Design tools for dynamics analysis of compressor and turbine radial wheels and radial- axial systems
  • Laboratory and operational modal and vibration analyses of turbomachinery
  • Vibration analysis of blades/vanes for the determination of the flutter instability boundary, methodology for the experimental determination of the limit of aeroelastic systems instability, experimental and computational simulation of the operational excitation
  • Software development for visualization of dynamic properties of vane wheels
  • Calculation of residual life of rotating parts
  • Development of methodologies for experimental research of dynamically unstable systems, aeroelastic analyses of unstable oscillation of vane systems
  • Development of laboratory device for measurement of  dynamic response of rotating wheel
  • Analyses of aeroelastic phenomena excitation
  • Development of methodologies for flutter analyses the blade cascade (aeroelasticity)
  • Dynamic analysis of rotating shafts and vane wheels (coupled shaft vibration and flexible disk)
  • Dynamic analysis of rotating vane wheels (compressors and turbines), design of SAFE diagram, simulation of vane cycle operational excitement, identification of significant harmonic components of excitation
  • Sensitivity analysis on non-balance
  • Contactless diagnostics of rotating machines (laser vibrometery)



  • Electromagnetic hammer mechanism for experimental modal analysis
  • Experimental device for simulating the operational excitation of wane wheels
  • Laser vibrometer with positioning device
  • System for simulating the behavior of the acrobatic engine oil system with the possibility of rotation in 2 axes
  • Accelerometer and strain gauge measuring chains




  • ESPOSA -  „Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft“, WP 2.5 - Advanced dynamic modelling of high speed turbomachinery, (2011-2015, EC – 7FP EU, project No. 284859)
  • PROPCONEL – “More electric, advanced hydromechanics propeller control components“, (2016-2019, JU – Clean Sky 2, project No. 714371)
  • MUTR – “Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes“, (2016-2020, JU – Clean Sky 2, project No. 717199)
  • Centrifugal compressor for H80 turbo engine”, (2018-2020, TAČR – Epsilon, project No. TH04010210)
  • Technology for modern turbine engines“, partial objective No. 1 (2018-2022, institutional support of MIT ministry, so called “DKRVO)


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