Development work for aircraft propeller

Propeller ground testing equipment


  • Assistance in developing propeller blades and propeller systems
  • Use of multifunctional composite materials for aircraft propellers
  • Development of aircraft propellers for new generation hybrid aircraft (e.g. ducted fan)
  • Design of aircraft propeller deicing systems
  • Investigations of the whirl flutter problem of turboprop airplanes



  • FEM SW MSC. Patran / MSC. Nastran
  • FEM SW FEMAP / NEi Nastran
  • CAD SW Catia V5
  • Prototype workshop for composite component part manufacturing
  • Optimizing the vacuum resin infusion technology process via flow simulation in SW RTM-Worx © and PAM-RTM ©
  • Dewetron portable DAQ-systems based on industrial PC architecture equipped with both accurate and fast National Instruments measuring cards
  • Strain gauge signal conditioner/amplifier systems
  • Kraus telemetric measurement device (SG, TC) for wireless transmission of signals
  • HBM slip-rings for transmission of signals from rotating parts
  • Vibration measuring systems using accelerometers
  • Electrodynamic shakers and power amplifiers for modal analysis
  • SW for data acquisition and evaluation, noise analysis, modal analysis, etc.


research projects:

  • EPOS -  „Development of electric propulsion unit (EPU) for small airplane and flight test validation“, (2011-2013,  TAČR – ALFA1,  project No.TA01030821)
  • TDAAS - “Traffic Detect and Avoid System“, (2012-2014,   TAČR – ALFA2,  project No.TA02030572)
  • SERVO - „Elektro-mechanic system of propeller control for aircraft with high manoeuvring capabilities“, (2012-2014,  TAČR – ALFA2, project No.TA02030870)
  • ESPOSA - ”Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft“,  WP 6.3 –  Tools for engine and nacelle aeroelastic integration – “Whirl Flutter (2011-2015, EK – 7FP EU, project No. 284859)
  • PROPCONEL – “More electric, advanced hydromechanics propeller control components“, (2016-2019, JU – Clean Sky 2, project No. 714371
  • DEICER – “Integrated de-icing system for composite blades of aircraft propellers”, (2016-2019, MPO-TRIO, project No. FV10556)
  • ARGOS  - “Aerospace propeller useful for diesel engines with extreme excitation of vibrations“, (2016-2019, JU – Clean Sky 2 of the EU, project No. 714030)


Contact person:

Ing. Jindřich Rosa, Senior researcher, Composite technologies, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 243, e-mail: