Development of unmanned dron in VZLU within project AUVIS

VZLU participated in the project AUVIS - Automated Information System airy launched under the Ministry of the Interior within 2010-2014.

The project included in addition to the technical equipment needed for automated aerospace information system also unmanned aircraft (dron).

VZLU ensure conceptual, aerodynamic and consequently the technological development of airframe, which is subject to strict weight requirements. At the same time it had to meet the requirements of civil aircraft to allow subsequent inclusion in the register of unmanned aircraft for civilian use. This requirement raised Czech Police, which has become one of the potential users.

Airframe of aerodynamic design had to meet the expected maximum take-off weight of up to 20kg. During the project, however, there have been changes in the development of legislation in force, which eventually exceeded the limit allowed a maximum takeoff weight of 20 kg for the category of unmanned aircraft. Considerable attention has been paid to the selection of the engine and proposal of propeller, which had to provide sufficient backup thrust for takeoff and initial climb at the start of an urban environment.

The airframe was designed from composite materials reinforced with carbon and aramid fibers using the infusion process technologies.

On the basis of the flight tests, it is possible to argue that the design characteristics of the airplane were achieved in full.