Development of special coating systems


  • Development of coating systems with reduced content of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Development of special paint systems for integral aircraft fuel tanks
  • Development of UV curable coatings for aviation
  • Development of paint remover (e.g. for airplanes)
  • Development of non-flammable interior paints for use in aviation
  • Development of coating systems suitable for extreme climatic conditions



  • Taber Abraser
  • DR130 surface roughness tester
  • Thickness gauges with different types of probes
  • gloss-meter
  • X-Rite spectrophotometer
  • UV Helios
  • Machu test
  • Autoclave
  • Arsenal LPT 2013-T microscope


Research projects:

  • CVPU – “Surface treatment research centre“, (2014-2019, TAČR – Centra kompetence, project No. TE02000011)
  • KATAFO-H - “Development of a new technology for mass coating with electrophoretic coating systems“, (2017-2019,  TAČR – EPSILON, project No. TH02020019)
  • Advanced surface treatments“, partial objectives 1-3 (2018-2022, institutional funding MIT, via DKRVO scheme)


Contact persons:

Ing. Martina Pazderová, Ph.D., head of Corrosion and surface treatment department, VZLU
tel: 225 115 136, e-mail:

Ing. Alena Koukalová, research worker, VZLU
tel: 225 115 146, e-mail: