Development of cooperation between VZLÚ and the industry in the EPSILON program


In the first call of the program EPSILON led by Technology Agency TAČR  VZLU won together with industrial partners  financing of four research projects:

KATAFO-H - Development of new technology for mass electrophoretic coating paint systems. 

AKROBAT - The outcome of the project is validated engine prototype made as modification of the current GE H75 turboprop engine for utilization in training acrobatic aircraft.

UCPÁVKY - The aim of the project is a detailed study of the seal leakage interation with the main flow, expecially in the Hiigh- and Intermediate pressure steam turbine stages. It is mainly a systematic research of this complex flow by the numerical and experimental approaches.

SKOŘEPINA - The aim of the project is to design, to analyze, to produce and to test airframe for the L-39NG aircraft. The airframe consists of fuselage, wing and tail unit. The airframe improvements will result in reduction of specific fuel consumption and lifecycle cost of L-39NG aircraft. The project result will be prototype of L-39NG airframe including design and test documentation.