Development of composite technologies

 technology development:

  • Design of components from composite materials, FEM calculations and modeling, elaboration of drawing documentation of different levels etc.
  • Design of technology for the production of composite parts of primary and secondary structures based on glass, carbon and aramid fibres with a thermosetting matrix
  • Production technology: from standard contact lamination to out-of-autoclave (OoA) prepregs to progressive infusion methods such as RTM, VARTM, RFI, etc.
  • Design of strength bonding technology for composite and metal structural elements
  • Design of technology for the production of sandwich structures based on aramid and metal honeycombs or structural foams with metal and composite coatings
  • Design of moulds for the production of composite parts in particular by infusion methods (RTM, VARTM) incl. optimization of the binder resin process by simulation in RTM-Worx © and PAM-RTM ©
  • Production of auxiliary production products and composite moulds by modern infusion technologies
  • Production of high temperature resistant composite moulds and other production tools
  • Production of models for the preparation of moulds, both from classic and synthetic materials
  • Measure geometry of models, moulds and pressings on a 3D measuring machine
  • Prototype and job production is provided by the subsidiary VZLU Technologies, a.s.


  • CAD software CATIA a Autodesk Inventor
  • MSC Patran/MSC Nastran
  • FEMAP / NX Nastran
  • Simulia Abaqus
  • Prototype workshop
  • Laboratory for thermomechanical analyses
  • Laboratory for operational and climatic tests
  • Static and fatigue testing laboratories


Research projects:

  • KOMOKO – “Modular system of bridge constructions made of advanced composite materials“, (2012-2015, TAČR - ALFA, project No. TA02010501)
  • FRC – “Increasing the reliability of high thin-walled concrete and masonry structures in climatic loads “, (2012-2015, TAČR - ALFA, project No. TA02010382)


Contact person:

Ing. Bohuslav Cabrnoch, Ph.D., Head of R&D and design engineering, Composite technologies department, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 480, e-mail:

Ing. František Martaus, Head technologist, Composite technologies department, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 516, e-mail: